Children parties shopping list

Children's parties usually represent a very thorough and detailed work, not enough simply to inflate balloons and prepare a cake, the celebration actually takes a lot more attention, that's why we provide a list of everything you need for the occasion.

Children parties shopping listThe first is to determine the theme of the party, ie the characters or decorative motif, and then buy or do whatever is necessary to carry out the celebration.

  • Invitations to the decorative theme
  • Boxes decorated for surprises
  • Sources for tables decorated
  • Decorated plates for children
  • Vessels decorated for children, both for drinks and for gelatin, custard, pudding, or that you decide to prepare
  • Decorated spoons
  • Napkins with decorative theme
  • Bags decorated with the chosen character.
  • Deposits for pop corn
  • Piñata
  • Mantel with decorative theme
  • Cake, candles and cake boxes
  • Decorative accessories for children, can be hats, bracelets, masks, etc..

Children parties shopping list
All this must be harmonious, preferably about buying all these things with the same design, to make it better.

As for the head table should think about the treats and snacks of your choice, for the piñata and surprises, a good idea is to fill them with candies, chocolates, cookies and toys.

Remember that if you have an adults-only area you should think of snacks or meals for them and good drinks too.

I hope you find this post useful.

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