Diets, Secrets to prevent weight gain

Can you win "a few extra pounds" in two days?

If you've eaten a big dinner and then you could not resist the temptation of a delicious dessert, possibly the next day you enter the balance you gained weight, but do not believe him at all, the gain or weight loss is gradual, and that kilo over the scale says you does not mean at all that you've gained weight.

Diets, Secrets to prevent weight gain
To gain a kilo need to consume 3500 extra calories, if you normally eat and then burn 2000 calories daily, you need to eat 5500 calories a day to win half a kilo and 9000 calories to gain one.

However, while a return to their eating habits and exercise habits and drinking lots of water daily to those "extra pounds" extra disappear quickly. 

Now if one is exceeded once, not a cause for concern, but if you get used to overdo it from time to time, or with some regularity, these weight fractions will accumulate, and the increase will be evident.

Some people, when eaten in excess, are automatically compensated by eating less than normal in the days following, some others, maintain a healthy weight while not very systematic in their diet, and this happens because their bodies are self sending signals to the body to eat food only when necessary.

The problem is that if one ignores these codes in the body, ten days later the body may "forget" their own coding with respect to the extra calories or less that must be understood.

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