Modern Dining romms, Decoration and Design

The dining room is often one of the most neglected areas of our house and this because on one hand we have the "dining area", wich does not receive more attention and is usually located near or in the kitchen, this often share everyday foods to all family members, and on the other side is the "formal dining" which is reserved for important occasions.

However, and why we do not always have enough space or because not only do we save the best for the guests, but enjoy ourselves, it is best to have one place for a dining room, decorated in such a way that go with the decor of the house where the whole family can enjoy food a day.

The idea of ​​modernity is the elegance, are very fashionable straight lines and accessories of the same style, if you decide to use a glass table remember this favors enlightenment and can give the impression that the room look bigger than it actually is.

Remember that the idea is not to cram things in the environment, the more free space is better, another thing to bear in mind are the colors and lighting, in the first case if your furniture is brightly colored, the walls have to be painted with neutral colors and vice versa, and as for the light, you can use lights, lamps or chandeliers, always taking care that they should have the same lines as is the scenery in general.

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