Modern Gardens, Decoration and Design

The idea that until recently had some time about the gardens of the house has changed completely, and most places are not "abandoned" and can continue the decorative line that characterizes the home, today are as  important than many other areas within the housing.

Modern Gardens, Decoration and Design
In general, the garden should be a relaxation area, a comfortable place where you can enjoy the tranquility either alone or accompanied, such is its importance not only inside but outside the house there are gardens.

For the decoration and garden design, in fact everything is a function of space, the general idea is to be cleared areas,  areas where you can socialize, if you have the possibility of installing a pool and to set it with lights Color is the perfect complement to a quiet place in which nature is complicit in the decor, but do not worry if the installation of the pool is not possible, then you can try a pond, waterfall or fountain.

If possible try to avoid square or rectangular areas in your design, so you can include curves and hidden corners, this not only adds style but also makes the space look smaller, bigger.

Remember that above all, your garden should have your personal touch because only this way you can feel comfortable in it.

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