Modern Living Rooms, Photo Gallery

The main idea of the modern living rooms, is that they are spacious and bright, these two features ensure neatness and elegance to any environment. Here are some decorating ideas and design of Modern living rooms , in our photo gallery:

Figure 1: Modern room, decorated with straight lines.

Photo 2: Modern rooms, functional and elegant design

Photo 3: Lighting, one of the most important features of modern design

Photo 4: Use neutral colors on walls and its contrast with accessories

Figure 5: The accessories should complement the decor, not break it, a good example are this pair of lamps

Figure 6: The day and night lighting must be warranted

Figure 7: In choosing to include a fireplace, it should follow the standards of decoration with the rest of the environment

Figure 8: A clear example of how all of the furnishings and design complement each other.

Figure 9: The use of electrical appliances should not break with the decor

Figure 10: The ornaments and accessories play an important role

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