Pine Wood Outdoor Furniture , Decoration and Design

The best outdoor furniture are usually those made of wood from California giant pines, but other varieties give excellent results too. This furniture is purchased unfinished or finished, in the latter case, make sure the properties of which are finished in regard to their resistance to weathering. 

Pine Wood Outdoor Furniture , Decoration and Design
The unfinished furniture in raw wood, can have a rustic appearance that often is very attractive.

This wood is usually very durable and resistant to the ravages of nature and, if it changes color over time this is a feature that gives the furniture a stamp of authenticity.

We can make two important recommendations:

The timber must have, in all parts of the furniture, at least between one and 1.5 inches thick (between 2.5 and 5 cm) and screws, clamps or other metal parts which may have the cabinet must be stainless.

The water hose is enough to keep clean pine wood, but be careful that over these units do not fall soft spots.

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