Rattan or Wicker Outdoor Furniture , Decoration and Design

IThe Rattan or Wicker Outdoor Furniture have become fashionable in recent years, and no doubt they are quality furniture, very decorative as well as practical, but it is true that the price of rattan is much more expensive in recent times. 

Rattan or Wicker Outdoor Furniture , Decoration and Design
Excessive moisture discolored rattan, so it is not advisable to have these outdoor furniture, but they are recommended for a terrace or porch roof (although open to the sides and front) if you live in an area of ​​abundant and frequent rains. Otherwise, stick to rattan furniture indoors.

Rattan can be cleaned with a cloth slightly dampened in a solution of soapy water, some soap made with gentle ingredients, after rinsing and drying cabinet, you can apply liquid wax for furniture, giving you greater brightness and better protect .

Besides all the general rules explained here, carefully read the instruction booklets to buy furniture, so this way you can keep them longer.

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