Types of Glasses for Wine

When organizing an event, the main goal should be that the customer is satisfied with the service provided, so we must be very careful in every detail, one of them, glassware.

If the organize of the event includes the use of glasses of wine, then try to hit when choosing them, the best wine glasses are the Riedel Sommelier Collection, are hand-blown glass and although they are very expensive, well worth it the effort because of its thinness, drinking wine in them none.

However, if you're not in the ability to acquire these cups, you must purchase them from any other manufacturer, taking into account the type of wine to be served at the event, and accordingly, choose the appropriate cup type.

Here are some of the most popular red wines and globally recognized and the appropriate glasses for each of them. 

 Types of Glasses for Wine, cups

Similarly white wines have an incredible range of varieties and with them also vary the type of glasses to be used, here is a list of the best white wines and the appropriate glasses to drink them.

 Types of Glasses for Wine, cups

Finally, if the event will serve other varieties of drinks like champagne, careful when using the glasses should be the same, therefore we present the drinks and cups, alternatives to red  and white wine.

 Types of Glasses for Wine, cups

I hope this information has been helpful. 

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