Party Dresses by Body Type

To choose the right dress, you must first know the type of body you have, so we can choose clothes with features that benefit our figure.

Thinking of this need is that we present the following article with information you can help to discover and recognize your silhouette and with it, here are some tips about the clothes you wear.

Dresses for thin women

If you are a women with these body, remember that you need clothing that mark curves, although not actually have very marked, preferably choose dresses that highlight the bust, those that fold near the bust, they have any other details let it be this part of your body, attention-grabbing. 

As for color, remember to use the light or pastel shades as these tend to change the body look.

Party Dresses by Body Type

Dresses for women with pear shaped body

Women with this body type have two options when choosing dresses. The first suggests the backless dresses, so you can see the back, thanks to the silhouette, often very sexy, but if you prefer something more discreet, those that are tight at the top, are also an excellent choice.

Party Dresses by Body Type

Dresses for low and thin women

small women should use dresses that make them look taller, this is achieved by those who are knee length or shorter, even. The most flattering colors are pink and red, which allow the desired effect.

Party Dresses by Body Type

Dresses for women with apple shaped body

For those women with slim hips, the most favorable is to use high-waisted dresses, so it balances the top and bottom, and if you also have slender legs, you can wear dresses with this court and above the knee, the result is very good.

Party Dresses by Body Type
I hope this information has been helpful.

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