Wedding decoration, Saloons Decorated in Black and White, Part 2

You are determined to decorate your wedding in White and Black, but still do not find the perfect details and suitable for your reception rooms, do not worry cause in this post you have some other ideas that will be useful.

In this first proposal have a thin white linen cloth stamped in black and white, the plates are black while the cards are available in black, everything have great contrast, but if you want to add some color you can do with flowers and ribbons fuchsia, appreciate the image.

If you chose the black and white stripes, for your wedding, this is a great idea for you, it's tablecloths with black and white stripes, black chairs and napkins and centerpieces in shades of pink.

Precious proposal with white tablecloths tablecloths with black bands leads and beautiful arrangements of red roses in black vases.

It is also a good idea to intersperse tablecloths, as seen in the picture, some tables and other leading white tablecloths, white tablecloths with black color applications, black chairs complement perfectly with the color plates, cups and floral arrangements. 

Just keep it clear, this presentation is directed, are served table with white tablecloths with black napkins, amid the centerpiece, has the same colors.

In this other image, highlight the elegance and distinction achieved are dressed in black tables which combine well with the chairs of the same color and white napkins, like the color of the flowers in each centerpiece.

This is another way to make black and white tables, we have tables and chairs dressed in white, the latter with a black tie, on tables plates and cups are seen black and white floral arrangements.

Aerial view of how well it is a living room decorated in white and black, in this particular decor have tables and chairs dressed in white ties and black centerpieces, combined perfectly with the dark gray floor.

Smart choice, dressed in black chairs and tables with white tablecloths and black pattern and vice versa, and elegant black fuel lamps in the middle, with white flowers at the base. 

Impeccable presentation, with tables and chairs and napkins white and black ties.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas.

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