Wedding Cakes with Roses, Part 2

If you have not found the suitable wedding cake for your wedding, here are some other cute models, in which the decoration is made basically with roses.

Remember that you should preferably keep the style of your wedding, formal, casual, elegant, traditional, etc.., And the colors you used for the decoration of the same, when choosing the cake.

In this first model we have a wedding cake decorated two-floor white with this color ribbons also will have roses and pink buds that matching with green leaves, are very good.

Cute four-floor cake decorated with white roses and various shades between red, yellow and orange, on each floor.

Romantic wedding cake four floors, both the bathroom the same, as the ribbons and roses that decorate it are shades of pink.

If you are a person who risks more, this cake is for you, it is a two-story pastel bathroom white and black accents on the top, has a corsage of red roses.

Original wedding cake decorated three-floor white with green vertical lines and shades of pink roses on each floor.

Beautiful wedding cake decorated three-floor pink ribbons and roses of the same color on top, and the petals and leaves on each floor, give a romantic touch unmatched.

If you bet on the informal and original, this four-story irregular cake may be right, between floors will have red roses and green ferns.

This is an aerial view of a wedding cake three floors, the top has a bouquet of red and white roses worked incredibly well.

Wedding cake decorated with white chocolate cigarettes that look great with ribbons and purple roses, that accompany them.

Elegant and romantic wedding cake four floors, with white ribbons, pink roses and petals on each floor.

Finally, if you prefer orange roses, these look great on a cake with white color, as you can see in this picture.

I hope these ideas have been helpful.

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